Monday, December 4, 2006

No I do not Swing!

So I get a lot of people asking - "did you swing when you were married?" - No never - Shannon was soo jealous that she used to follow me when I went out with my friends to the bar - we used stand in front of the windows at Strawberries and joke about how many times my car (she driving it) would circle the bar.

I'm also asked if I am jealous and that's why I posted this blog - no I'm not jealous - I'm extremely capable of meeting any woman I want to (yes call it bravado or whatever) but the truth is I don't have a problem meeting women and sex isnt an issue.

Shannon & John Confirmed Swingers

Okay you see the pics - but ask how do I know it really is Shannon and John! Well it was confirmed by Shannon herself. We have to use a service to communicate about our children - Our Family Wizard - Shannon confirmed that the pics were of her and that the courts would not care. I'm going to try and get the transcripts from Our Family Wizard and post them too!

Fun F/X - You take your kids there!!!

Fun F/X is a place where parents take their kids for birthday parties. Most people complain that the place is dirty, machines don't work, and the staff are rude. But it runs deeper than that - you can see employees smoking pot and dealing in small quantities of coccaine (called flaps) at the back door. This isn't a secret apparently as my girfriend's dad even knew about the drugs their - he goes to play virtual golf.

Another seedy aspect is - they have after hours parties their - the same place where parents entrust their kids safety and health - is used for after hours sex and drug parties.

Hey Bill Your Ex Wife is a Swinger!

Last year in the middle of the never ending custody battle with my ex I received a very strange email from someone calling themself a mutual friend. The email was sent to my very well known hotmail address and was labled - "Hey Bill check this out!".

Normally I would have just deleted it as I get a ton of spam in this account but that day i just clicked on it and opened a webpage for Adult Friend Finder. Low and behold there was my ex wife and her boyfriend in a swinger ad.

For the last year I keep receiving more and more pictures and information about her swinging lifestyle and drug use.

Now you might think that I'd be embarassed that my ex-wife is a swinger and a drug user - well you are part right - I am embarassed - but when I was married to her I didn't know about the swinging and drug use - I did not participate! So yeah I am embarassed for me and my kids but I'd rather everyone know and talk upfront about it rather than behind my back. So I tell people and today I've decided to share the pics with all of you.

Now I've checked the legalities of this and they are as follows - As she and her boyfriend posted public ads for sex they are already public domain with no copyright - AFF has copyright but they allow for sharing the ads as well - so the pics are public domain - so there you have it - I havent broken the law nor did I intend to.

If you have any information you would like to share let me know and I will post it as well - my hope is to build this log for all guys who have been screwed over through divorce and made out to be the bad guy!